Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus

An outbreak of a pneumonia-like illness that started in the city of Wuhan has put health authorities on high alert in China and around the world. The new coronavirus—named 2019-nCoV—is thought to have originated in the food market of the central China metropolis and has since infected more than a thousand people.

In Wuhan, public transportation and ride-hailing services have been suspended, trains and flights from the city have been stopped and people have been told to leave only for essential reasons. Similar travel restrictions were announced in at least 11 other Chinese cities, impacting more than 40 million people.

Yiwu International Trade Market has opened on Feb 21, 2020.

Status of Confirmed Cases in ZheJiang, China (as of Feb 28, 2020)

  • Yiwu: Confirmed: 16,  Dead: 0
  • WenZhou: Confirmed: 504, Dead: 0
  • HangZhou: Confirmed: 169, Dead: 0
  • Total in ZheJiang: Confirmed: 1205, Dead: 1

Sources: Wuhan Bureau of Statistics, U.K. Office for National Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau, World Bank


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