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2021 Top 5 Trending Promotional Products

Written by yorkn on April 2, 2023

The COVID-19 crisis presents marketers with a unique environment to market their organizations. The unique challenges require creative solutions. Promotional products can play a significant role in several ways. By studying and understanding the market's current trends, marketers have the chance to be creative enough to increase their organization's presence. Recent trends include the following.

Safety Products

The COVID-19 crisis affected every aspect of the business world. By focusing on customers' safety, the organization can easily make their presence felt in the market. Safety products you can use include products like the sublimation face mask. Sublimation face masks have two layers – a cotton interior and a polyester exterior that is generally ideal for dye sublimation.

Masks are a way to prevent the spread of infections, helping prevent individuals from contracting airborne diseases and any infectious germs that could be in the air.  When somebody coughs, sneezes, or talks, they could be releasing germs into the air that might affect the people nearby. Masks prevent cross-contamination. Having your logo on the masks can be a stylish and safe way to penetrate the market.

SKU: YORKN01430 Adjustable Sublimation Christmas Face Mask

Mobile Workspace Products

Many companies have their workforce working remotely, either at home, on the road, or collaborative office. The companies have, therefore, to ensure that their data is not compromised. They have to keep their data safe from viruses and hackers. They will use products like the fast charging data blocker.

To use the data blocker, you attach it between your USB cable and charger. It physically blocks data transfer and syncing, keeping your data safe from hackers and viruses. You can print your logo on the data blocker, as it is essential for a remote workforce.

SKU: YORKN01441 Fast Charging Data Blocker

Customized Products

People love to possess unique products. Using exceptional products may help one attract attention. A company can use these products to activate its brand. Such products may include everyday clothing like sweaters, caps, and scarves.

Caps like the knitted beanie are stylish. Additionally, they are warm and cozy. The company can print its logo either in front or at the back. The company can also print on a knitted scarf. Sports fans love scarves and can use them for any outdoor sporting events.


SKU: YORKN12112  Beanie

SKU: YORKN12103 Knitted Scarf

Specific Needs of Customers

A company should study and understand the specific needs of customers. Different customers will require other products. For instance, a given set of customers may need merchandise to help them in pet training. The company can print its brand on items like the pet treat training pouch.


Other customers may need to carry items like laundry from their house. Students may move laundry from home to the dorm or from the dorm back home. They may use a laundry bag to carry all the laundry. Printing the company's logo on such a backpack is a great marketing strategy.

SKU: YORKN30244 Sling Laundry Bag


Marketers need to study the market to figure out how to brand their promotional products in Canada. With knowledge, the promotional product supplier can understand how the product will significantly impact the market.

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