Hands-Free Door Opener with Stylus Touch

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5,000+ USD$1.50


The world around us is changing fast and it’s important to adapt with it! Our touch-less door opener provides a solution to staying safe in public areas by working on all door types, touchscreens, and pin pads. Give yourself peace of mind when in public by keeping you and your loved ones safe and be happy knowing you are doing your part in the world to help prevent the spread of viruses

  • It’s made from zinc alloy, and should resist microbes and corrosion with reliability.

This antimicrobial door opener will definitely help reduce the amount of hand washing and disinfecting you have to do while you’re out running errands or performing other essential jobs. As its makers point out, coronavirus can only survive on copper and brass for a couple hours, compared to several days on plastic or stainless steel.


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